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Authentic Family Style Italian Trattoria
Call to Reserve: 97126169999
Welcome to Sacci

"Sacci" is an authentic family Style Italian Trattoria that pays tribute to the rich heritage of Italian Cuisine and Beverage. A place that combines the flavors of childhood and the aromas of a summer at the family terrazza.

Chef Stefano hails from Italy, spending most of his life in Milan. He graduated from CAST Alimenti, the Italian School of Culinary Arts and started out his career in the luxurious Hotel Château Monfort, a Relais & Chateaux hotel in Milan. He has since grown into the role of Chef De Cuisine after more than 8 years in culinary, spanning from Milan to London to Abu Dhabi.

He discovered his passion for cooking from his grandmother and father who taught him how to use old Italian techniques that value each ingredient without wasting food. His dishes are also rooted from his family's background in Sicily, Campagna and Milan, mixing the northern, center and southern parts of Italy to create a culinary journey throughout the region.
  • Opening Hours
  • Monday to Thursday 5pm - 11pm

    Friday to Saturday 1pm - 11pm

Italian Restaurant
Mondays, 5pm - 11pm
PIZZAonus "Buy 1 Get 1 " any pizza on Mondays. The traditionally made dough is painstakingly prepared by Chef Stefano 48 hours in advance and baked in a wood oven resulting in a deliciously airy crust.