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  • Events and Offers of SACCI
Authentic Family Style Italian Trattoria
Call to Reserve: 97126169999

Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday, 5pm To 7pm

That`s right- Sacci is offering `Buy 1 Get 1 Free` any pizza on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. The traditionally made dough is painstakingly prepared 48 hours in advance and baked in a wood oven resulting in a deliciously airy crust. 
Vegan Dish at Sacci
A Refreshing Vegan Italian dish

Only At Sacci

Savour the beautiful Orto Botanico. Meaning Botanical Gardens in English, this dish is a gentle mix of perfectly grilled and blanched vegetables, purple potato, venere black rice cracker and chamomile dressing reminiscent of a springtime in Italy.